Requests for the New Year

We are getting ready for our first big order of the new year, and would like to hear from our customers as to what you would like for us to try and find. 

Our suppliers have many possible choices and would like to know what our customers and followers would like. 

Just send your request via our Contact Us page or stop by our booth at the Harmony Farmers Market on Sunday’s from Noon to 4:00PM.

Whats new for March !!! – New Trees, Plants, and Market

Still Waiting on some trees:

Well let us first say we were hoping to have news about more Avocado, Startfruit, and Peach trees. But it seems Murphy has struck our supplier and the expected delivery today is delayed until next week (we hope).

New Arrivals (plants and trees):

But that doesn’t mean there is nothing new.
This week we will be introducing Elderberries, the immune boosting super fruit plants.

We also have a limited number of Red Pakistani Mulberry plants.

And only 2 Persimmon trees available (we are seeing how the market is for these).
Both are varieties of Non-Astringent (sweet even when not fully ripe).

Fuyu Persimmon Fruit

We have Fuyu, which is what we would call a semi dwarf tree, reaching about 15ft tall.
And Hannah Fuyu, which will only reach 10ft, so more of a true dwarf tree.

So you see we are still getting new things in, and hopefully you will find these something you would like to add to your home.

Also new this month, we will also be attending the Harmony Farmers Market every Sunday from 12:00 – 4:00, so if you can’t see us on Saturday or Monday, come see us there along with many other vendors.



10% off Entire Purchase Holiday Coupon

It’s Holiday time again, and time for all those gift giving events.
What better gift than a living plant that will remind the recipient of you for years to come.

And what’s even better than to get 10% Off your entire purchase!!!

So for the month of December we have a Coupon for you.

Click here for your Holiday Coupon

Just print the coupon and bring it with you to our booth during the month of December and get 10% off your entire purchase.

Harvest Time for the Tumeric

For all those who purchased Tumeric plants from us.
You should be noticing that the plants seem to be dying, that is not true.
What they are doing is going dormant for the winter.


We managed to get 7oz of Tumeric root from just 3 plants still in 6″ pots.

Here is the Video of us harvesting the Tumeric.

We also took a look at the Ginger though it seems to still be growing.

So get ready to enjoy your harvest with some really tasty spices.

This weeks theme – Last Mango in Paris

We just got a shipment in of AVOCADOS and MANGOS !!!

This week at the Osceola County Farmers Market we’ll have an assortment of Avocados and Mangos.


Haas (Mexican) Style:

Mexicola Grande

Guatemalan (Large Green) Style:



Semi-Dwarf (can be kept between 15-20ft)


Dwarf (can be kept in a container at 6ft)

Ice Cream

So come on out and check these and he other great tasting plants we have,

like berry plants (thornless Blackberries, Dwarf Mulberries, Phalsa – Indian Sherbet Berry, Goji Berries),
Figs (a Dwarf Fig, Kadota – Nabiscos Fig Newton Fig, Black Mission Fig),
hot weather salad greens (Okinawa and Longevity Spinach, Cranberry Hibiscus),
Sub-Tropicals (Dwarf Papaya, Dwarf Guava, Passion Fruit, Bananas, Plantains, Pomegranates),
Perennial herbs, spices, and teas (Edible Ginger, Cardamom, Yerba Mate)
and even what we call an edible houseplant (Katuk – prefers full shade but pack with goodness).

For our entire list Click Here

New This Week !!!!

Tomorrow at the Osceola County Farmers Market we will be bringing even more new plants !!!!

After the great reception we had last week to our Avocados and Mangos we only have a couple left, so come early or they could be all gone.

We also are bringing some new plants this week in 6″ pots!!

These are Cardamom, the Queen of Spices, that you can grow here in central Florida.
We are also bringing Edible Ginger, Zingiber officionale, so you can grow your own at home.

Hope to see you there

We’ll be closed February 10th – 20th

For all our loyal customers.

We will be closed from February 10th through February 20th 2017.

This is so we can devote our time to helping create the best Osceola County Fair ever.

So we will not be able to be at the Osceola County Grown Farm Market on Saturday 2/11 and Saturday 2/18. We will be back on Saturday 2/25

We will also not be at the Monday Market at Lake Nona YMCA on Monday 2/13 and Monday 2/20 and will return to the market on 2/27.

If there is anything special (from our list of available plants) you would like for us to have when we return, just call or email us and we will gladly have them available for you.

Bad Weather Coming

Important Announcement to our customers.

We will not be at the Osceola County Grown Farm Market tomorrow 1/7/2017 due to the bad weather.

The CSA at the Market will still be open and a limited number of vendors will be there, but we won’t be one of them.

Cold, windy, and rainy is not good for the baby plants (or their keepers) and we feel they will be much happier tucked safe and warm in our greenhouse.

We will be at the Monday Market at the Lake Nona YMCA on Monday (1/9/2017) from 4:30 PM – 8:00 PM.

If there was something you really wanted let us know (either by email or calling) and we will put one aside for you for next week, or arrange to get it to you if you need it sooner.

Again sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

Get Them Gift Certificates

Do you have that person who would truly love to get a plant that will give them food, but don’t know what one they would like?

Well we can help you with that.
We now have Gift Certificates in $5, $10, and $25 denominations so they can come and pick the plant or plants they want.

So come on down to the Monday Market at Lake Nona YMCA to pick up a couple tonight, to finish up your Christmas shopping.