Currently Available Plants

This is what we currently have available in 6″ to 3 gal pots.

3 Gallon Inventory

Currently available 3 gallon trees and plants
AvocadoBrogdon3 gal
AvocadoDay3 gal
AvocadoFlorida Haas3 gal
AvocadoLula3 gal
AvocadoMarcu Pumpkin3 gal
AvocadoWinter Mexican3 gal
BananaDouble Mahoi3 gal
CashewRed3 gal
CherryBarbados Cherry3 gal
CherryGruminchama3 gal
CherryBlack Surinam3 gal
Cocoa3 gal
FigBeers Black3 gal
FigBrown Turkey3 gal
FigCeleste3 gal
FigMagnolia3 gal
FigVoilet de Bordeaux3 gal
GuavaLemon Catley3 gal
GuavaWhite Tai3 gal
JabotacobaBlack3 gal
Jackfruit3 gal
Leaf TreeYerba Mate3 gal
Leaf TreeKatuk3 gal
Loquat3 gal
MangoCarrie3 gal
MangoCogshall3 gal
MangoGlenn3 gal
MangoKesar3 gal
MangoLancetilla3 gal
MangoNam Doc Mai3 gal
MangoPickering3 gal
MangoRapoza3 gal
MangoValencia Pride3 gal
Miracle Fruit3 gal
MulberryDwarf Everbearing3 gal
MulberryEverbearing3 gal
MulberryPakastani3 gal
MulberryWhite3 gal
NectarineSunmist3 gal
OliveArbequina3 gal
PapayaRed3 gal
PassionfruitPossum Purple3 gal
PassionfruitPanama Red3 gal
PeachFlorda Prince3 gal
PlumScarlet Beauty3 gal
PomegranateWonderful3 gal
RaspberryMysore3 gal
SapoteBlack3 gal
SapoteWhite3 gal
Soursop3 gal
StarfruitArkin3 gal
StarfruitDwarf Hawaian3 gal
StarfruitLara3 gal
StarfruitShri Keboyken3 gal
Sugar Apple3 gal
Tea PlantLarge Leaf Camilia Sinensis3 gal
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