We have some new arrivals

We have some new plants and varieties currently available:

We now have Fuzzy KIWI !!!

We now have Golden (Chinensis Vincent), Green (Deliciousa Saanichton), and their male pollinator (Chinensis Tomuri).
We are selling them individually at $8.00 or as a trio $20.00

We also have Dwarf Papaya !!!

We now have the TR Hovey variety of Dwarf Papaya.
Imagine having your Papaya’s at arms reach versus needing a ladder to get to your harvest.

Temporarily out of Bananas

We hate to say that we are currently out of bananas, though we do still have plenty of Plantains.
But the good news is we just got a shipment of Lacatan Bananas and they should be ready in a few weeks.

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