This weeks theme – Last Mango in Paris

We just got a shipment in of AVOCADOS and MANGOS !!!

This week at the Osceola County Farmers Market we’ll have an assortment of Avocados and Mangos.


Haas (Mexican) Style:

Mexicola Grande

Guatemalan (Large Green) Style:



Semi-Dwarf (can be kept between 15-20ft)


Dwarf (can be kept in a container at 6ft)

Ice Cream

So come on out and check these and he other great tasting plants we have,

like berry plants (thornless Blackberries, Dwarf Mulberries, Phalsa – Indian Sherbet Berry, Goji Berries),
Figs (a Dwarf Fig, Kadota – Nabiscos Fig Newton Fig, Black Mission Fig),
hot weather salad greens (Okinawa and Longevity Spinach, Cranberry Hibiscus),
Sub-Tropicals (Dwarf Papaya, Dwarf Guava, Passion Fruit, Bananas, Plantains, Pomegranates),
Perennial herbs, spices, and teas (Edible Ginger, Cardamom, Yerba Mate)
and even what we call an edible houseplant (Katuk – prefers full shade but pack with goodness).

For our entire list Click Here

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